Hello Dear Friends!

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to reap the fruits of all the work we’ve done over the past several months. If you don’t see any fruits on the tree of your life, you might need to ask yourself why that is. Did you properly plan your crop during the last Winter or did you just curl up to stay warm? Did you follow inner Guidance to plant the right crop in the Spring or did you get distracted by dramas of the world?

God knows there are a lot of distractions going on these days. But our job as Lightworkers is to do our best to remain centered in God, start every day with prayer for Guidance, commune with God/Christ throughout the day, and do our best to be as forgiving as possible. This allows us to live a life of balance and Guidance—both of which contribute to keeping us aligned with the natural cycles of life—allowing us to plan, plant, and reap the fruits of life—thus creating a more fulfilling life.

If you are indeed successfully harvesting now, can you name any specific gifts or blessings that you’re pulling in? Maybe it’s the beginning OR closure of a relationship. Maybe it’s the start of a new job or business OR perhaps it’s finally time to retire. Maybe you are ready now to put that yoga teacher training into practice and shift into leading others towards a better life through yoga. Whatever the case, take some time to own/recognize any fruitful manifestations that are appearing in your life OR choose to learn any necessary lessons related to why there might be a lack of fruits.

For us, at Unity of Sedona, one of our manifested fruits is that we are now announcing that very soon our name will be officially changed to “The Global Center for Christ Consciousness.” This new name might be altered by a word or two but this is very likely it. The name says that we are a teaching/ministry that reaches all around the world AND that our focus is on the awakening of Christ Consciousness. For decades, our center was affiliated with a more traditional “New Thought” organization. This affiliation loosened and became a more progressive experience for the last decade. Now it’s time to take the next step and simply be ourselves. We really aren’t interested in being affiliated with any organization—especially if they are not rising higher and higher with us. We prefer being affiliated with direct Inspiration more than with an organization. Yes, it can sometimes be challenging to truly live the Christ Light—especially at the level of being a spiritual center, and during a pandemic no less. But since we’ve been so successful at this (and forgiving ourselves when we slip) we decided it’s time to take it all to a new level.

You too might have to consider stepping into the new you, rather than living off of the old you. There are some organizations who had roots in Christ Consciousness but the Spirit then departed from them when they no longer walked the talk. The same can happen to any of us as individuals or as organizations if we fail to consistently tap into the Spirit of God/Love as our Source of Inspiration. Again, the universe will match us at whatever level we claim for ourselves. If we choose to play small, that’s all that is expected of us—which also means it’s all we can provide for others. But if we rise to a greater self and a greater life, we have far more to share with ourselves and others.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad

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