Greetings Everyone!

It’s a funny thing when it comes to writing a monthly newsletter. Some people fill the space with updates on their business, center, etc. Others use the space to write an educational article. As you may have noticed, I personally do a bit of both. But I definitely lean towards sharing updates on how things are going at Unity of Sedona. I pray this isn’t too redundant for you all, but I simply feel compelled to share news that involves all of us, as opposed to always using the space to teach.

Although our Unity of Sedona membership includes large numbers of people from all around the world (watching our workshops, concerts, and Sacred Sunday Services online), we also have a growing number of attendees who join us in person. Even with a global pandemic, most of our local attendees continued to join us in person, and with no drastic increase in the number of cases of this illness. And with the pandemic fading (due to vaccines or whatever else), we have more in person attendees joining us every week—locals and tourists.

There are several reasons for our constant success and our consistent rise in attendance and vibration: there is no doubt there is a unique and beautiful vibe in the air at Unity of Sedona. For example, our property is lovely, and the quality of our guest musicians and attendees are unsurpassed. We also have to give credit to the depth and practicality of our ongoing groups and monthly workshops, as well as the depth and lightheartedness of our Sacred Sunday Services. All such things clearly contribute to the beautiful vibes at Unity of Sedona. But our success and high vibrations are primarily due to our consistent intention and focus on making God/Spirit—and the attainment of Christ Consciousness—our number one priority.

No matter where we’ve been, what we’ve done, or what was done to us . . . allowing ourselves to die of the past and be born again in the present (through the reminder of our true identity, our divinity) takes us to the highest level of consciousness possible. We then find that our life’s path of bumps and curves begin to smooth out and straighten up. Yes, we still have a road to travel but everything becomes clearer—including our ability to heal the past, take responsibility for previous decisions, surrender to a higher power, and reap the benefits of becoming one with God.

So next time you have a moment, look to the heavens and give thanks that your life is improving in so many ways. And if it’s not improving, ask yourself how much of a priority you are making your spiritual path. Maybe there is room for improvement. You should be able to look at your life and into your heart and discover a healthy level of time given to Spirit, as well as time given towards personal healing. But remember, it’s not always about the quantity of time we give to our spiritual path, but instead, is often about the quality and sincerity of what we give.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad

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