Dear Friends:

I pray you are all doing well. Also, I hope you have all been watching our Sacred Sunday Services because they are taking the world to a new level of consciousness. And if you missed some of the services, you can still catch them on our Facebook page OR on YouTube. But let me say, the depth, playfulness, and music in our services is creating a perfect “container” to hold the Presence of the Holy Spirit (Divine Mother), and anchoring an incredible, safe, healing frequency for all who join us.

We were planning on changing our name as of January 1st, but as soon as we announced this change AND shared our new name with our chaplains, our members, and our attendees . . . that was it! The announcement started a major trend of excitement, joy, and celebration. We announced that our new name is “The Global Center for Christ Consciousness.” What could be better? What could be higher in intention and consciousness? The name says it all. We are a center for the entire world . . . and the universe for that matter. And our focus has always been on the awakening of Christ Consciousness. Therefore, we are The Global Center for Christ Consciousness.

We will make this more official within a matter of weeks but our members have already approved the change and all the legal aspects have been taken care of. As many of you have already noticed and commented, the upgrade can be felt as soon as you arrive on the property. Don’t get me wrong, the high vibes at our center have always been quite palpable over the past twelve years. But it’s now multiplied several times over. Our attendees from all around the world are noticing that they are an accepted part of our spiritual family. We are blessed with the best team (employees, board members, chaplains, etc.) that we’ve ever had. Our leaders are working more collaboratively than ever—harmoniously and effectively—manifesting inspirations that bring the greatest good for our attendees.

On another note, you may have noticed that our website and social media have been totally upgraded. Also, our backyard is now complete—featuring lots of seating, chimes, a labyrinth (which still needs a centerpiece) and more. This space is open only for YOU—our attendees. As for the rest of the year, be prepared for some great events over the next few months.

Please note that there is one challenge we are having that YOU can help us with: our AC system is old and needs replaced—immediately. The cost is $20,000, which is more than we have. But if any of you are financially blessed and can help us, please contact our office ASAP. We have no doubt that we will manifest a miracle and have this issue resolved within weeks.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad

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