Dear Friends:

For those of you who have been attending our Sacred Sunday Services in person OR watching our live presentation of the services, you’ve probably noticed how deep the experiences have remained for the 12 years that I’ve been here in Sedona. And just fyi . . . this will NEVER change. It will never happen that we will become a basic-level type of group. In fact, you can expect just the opposite. As long as I am here, I am committed to sharing the deepest teachings possible. This means that we will also likely continue to attract attendees that are not only open to the highest teaching, but are insisting on it. And why shouldn’t they? Haven’t we settled for less for long enough in this world, and in most categories of our life!?

Last Sunday I spent 5 minutes at the beginning of the service thanking any and all teachers and healers in the past (and present) who chose to teach at the highest level—acting more like mystics than traditional ministers or authors. I explained that for every thousand Christian televangelists, there are only a few that have chosen to teach at a deeper level AND chose to live a life of the highest integrity. So I thanked them. But it’s also true that for every thousand “new thought” teachers and authors, there are only a few that channeled something far greater than the fundamental principles of “positive thinking.” So I thanked them.

But I also took a moment to thank those teachers who only taught at a basic level because they too were reaching someone that was only ready for that particular level. And since even a basic-level teacher is reaching someone out there, it stands to reason that all teachers on all levels are contributing to the greater good.

And the same goes for all aspects of our life. If we are ready for a higher level of relationships, teachers, income, housing, and so on . . . we should dismantle our old belief systems and co-create (with God) a whole new level of consciousness wherein a better life can come forward.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad

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