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It might seem like a strange time of the year, and a strange time in today’s world, to be sharing thoughts about abundance, but after teaching an afternoon workshop on prosperity last month, a lot of people have been sharing their appreciation for how much the workshop changed their life.

Like any talk or workshop, part of the value is in the teacher’s ability to share profound and practical truth. But part of the value is also on the student’s ability to listen and apply what is being taught. And one of the most important things we shared in last month’s workshop was that there are people who constantly live with poverty consciousness, and there are people who are using various means to attract prosperity consciousness. But prosperity is often just an attempt to attract more material things—like money.

However, (as I explained in our workshop), instead of having a focus on creating an abundance of cash flow, our first priority should be to welcome in the Abundant Consciousness of God. Then we should allow that abundance to pour down from the heavens (within our upper spiritual centers) and into our heart and soul in the form of prosperity consciousness, which in turn pours down into our material world/life in the form of improved finances. This is how true abundance can become true prosperity, which in turn can become true financial success.

Any other attempt or method for creating a better life is still coming from a limited consciousness because it’s not coming from God—the only true Source of Unlimited Consciousness. Again, true abundance means feeling a consistent abundance of God’s Presence, followed by feeling an abundance of prosperity in our heart and soul, followed by sharing an abundance of all we have with others. And you may have noticed in the last of these three important points, to “live a life of abundance” is to “live a life of generosity.” So the more we learn to give (from a truly prosperous state of mind), the more we will receive—peace, happiness, and financial abundance.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said many times before, but it is true that God desires that we be filled with an abundance of health, wealth, and wisdom. In other words, we really are meant to thrive—not only in the form of material wealth but in mind, body, and soul. The world says that we have to struggle and grab in order to have anything. But God tells us that we merely need to give in order to have. And we each must decide which of these themes will become our “truth” and our “reality.” We can either choose lack consciousness or a consciousness of abundance. It is God’s Will and our own true will to consistently connect with the Abundant Consciousness of God and to live a life of generosity towards others—which is a wonderful way to be the Presence of God in the lives of others.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad

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