As we prepare ourselves for a New Earth, there will be several signposts along the way—some larger than others.

This month (August of 2017) is one of the more significant moments in time that mark a major shift for us all. During this time, we will all experience the “Lion’s Gate” planetary alignment. And although we all experience a minor version of this every August 8th, this year we also have, during this same month, a partial lunar eclipse (in the sign of Aquarius) and then a full solar eclipse (in the sign of Leo).

The Symbolism of the Lion’s Gate Galactic Alignment

As mentioned, the Lion’s Gate galactic alignment occurs every August 8th when the earth aligns with the galactic center of Sagittarius and the Dog Star Sirius. This is important because the earth represents our humanness but Sagittarius symbolizes our search for God (ruled by Jupiter, which means “God-the-Father”). And Sirius is one of the star systems that brought some of the highest dimensional light-beings that, once upon a time, came to earth to have a very positive effect on mankind. And all of this configuration occurs in the sign of Aquarius (Symbolic of the New Age) and Leo (symbolic of Christ).

The alignment of this planet, star, and astrological sign create a gateway of energy that infuses our planet with new potentials. It’s true that every so often we have auspicious times on our planet to raise vibrations and create new things but they are rarely this powerful. So be ready and choose well.

Importance of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses

The partial lunar eclipse (on August 7th—8th) in Aquarius, is a time of releasing old patterns of every kind and preparing for a new way of living. This is a time to patch leaks by speaking now or “forever holding your peace.” It’s also a period that will strongly affect moods and zeros in on relationships and will call us to clear old baggage.

The total solar eclipse (on August 21st—22nd) in Leo, is a very powerful day/period and marks a time of transformation, personal health and self-care, but also a time of releasing old patterns. Also, it’s a time to embrace humility and bow to the Christ or the Holy Spirit as our Guide.

And with the lunar eclipse this month being in Aquarius and the solar eclipse being in Leo it will create an activation of the codes hidden within the Great Pyramid that was created 12,000 years ago when Leo and Aquarius were aligned directly over the pyramids and have not been in that alignment ever since.

So this month is a time of focusing our mind on what we want to create. If you think your mind was powerful before, multiply that power by several times. But remember to be careful what you ask for because now you might more likely create it—especially if you remember to co-create with God.

Also, these eclipses symbolize the release of old patterns, limited structures, genetic bloodlines, and karmic timelines…while simultaneously creating space for new beginnings, unlimited potentials, and downloading greater preparations for ascension.

More About the Eclipses

The Solar eclipse is significant because a total Solar eclipse crossing the entire United States (which will run from Oregon to South Carolina) is a rare event. This is particularly important to those of us living in the USA because it serves as a blessing from the heavens and from the Archangels to this country to rise to a new level of being the healthy, responsible elder to other nations.

This blessing is to bring heaven or hell to many of the recent arguments and disagreements (personal, political, or global) that are not being reconciled. It’s because we need to learn that instead of dragging on short-term or long-term disagreements, we need to center in God and let others choose to awaken or self-destruct.

A Time for Releasing Darkness and Downloading Light

It is an auspicious time for releasing darkness inside and out, while downloading greater levels of light because there are rays of light (symbolic of our change of will) that will infuse new light-codes (from higher dimensions to earth) and awaken old ones. Even the earth’s grid systems will be activated or awakened to new levels of light. And one of the most significant parts to this event is that it’s not just about a download of more energy but instead is a time of downloading more direct Christ frequencies.

The earth’s grids need these occasional light upgrades because we live in a symbiotic relationship with her, which means that as we are ready for upgrades, she—our planetary vehicle—also needs these upgrades, as it creates a more harmonious environment for our ascension. Any light-work left undone will leave residue or misaligned energies that will need more dramatic means of create shifts into alignment—like earth changes. It’s like feeling a sneeze attack coming on but blowing our nose to clear it. Sometimes, we still end up sneezing—as will the earth.

This period of time will also be drawing in tremendous loads of new ideas and inspirations, which the darker minds will try to hijack into yet more technologies to create money and greater control. This is not something to fear or fight, as much as it is a good reminder to do our part to release our own fear levels—which deletes theirs, as well as doing our part to draw in inspirations of light to tip the scales in favor of the greater good.

Welcoming In the Light of God

In some respects, this means August will feature a tremendous surge of energy of awakening into the earth-plane and into our being. But it also is only marking the beginning of new waves that will continue to pour in—albeit more subtly. Although many people and groups of spirituality claim to be open to new levels of light and spirituality, we must all be careful not to disguise our resistance. We can welcome in the light of God but we must be careful not to insist on a particular container. For example, it would be incorrect to think the new earth MUST have a particular leader, diet, name, system, etc.

Everyone must learn that it does us no good to fight for the rights to have cleaner foods while we still fill our bodies with other various toxins. Some call it free will but it’s actually more of a bound will to behave hypocritically. So it’s in our best interests to use this time wisely to authentically release more of the ego-self and sometimes peoplethat represent the ego-self. This then needs to be followed by nurturing more of the real, Christ self—which is always best done with the direct assistance of God and all of God’s angels and lightworkers