There are many ways to know that you are growing in consciousness and eventually becoming ONE with Universal Consciousness. One of the surest signs, however, is experiencing an increase occurence of “synchronicity signs” in your life.

The Meaning of Synchronicity

Synchronicity can be defined as “the occurrence of two or more seemingly unrelated events occurring in a meaningful manner.” It is not the same as “coincidences” or “serendipity” or “premonition,” although all are potentially important and do indeed often overlap.

This is different from coincidence, in that coincidence is merely “coincided incidents,” with varying levels of significance, and not always having a greater source and purpose behind them. Synchronicity, on the other hand, has some form of consciousness as its guide. Also, synchronicity stems from some dimension of mind; But from what and/or whose mind?

It is also slightly different from serendipity, in that serendipity is generally defined as “accidental good fortune,” such as when you are looking for something in a drawer and find something else you had long been looking for.

Synchronicity is also similar to, but distinctly different from, premonitions or psychic phenomena, where you have a hunch or insight that comes to pass. In such a case, you are not so much having two synchronized events as much as prematurely picking up insights about an event that is still to happen or is happening at present.

In the case of synchronicity, you do not merely witness a seemingly random connection of two things (coincidence), or a stroke of good luck (serendipity) or a successful hunch (premonition). Instead, there is a known or unknown connection of two or more minds creating events or circumstances that are somehow connected—not unlike two subatomic particles acting in synch with one another even though they are sometimes light-years apart. These events may very well look like (or even use the framework of) coincidences, serendipities, or premonitions, but there is more than one mind creating them and usually a greater purpose behind them.

These events may be experienced internally (in your mind or dreams) or externally (usually manifested physically) and may include events occurring in two or more different places. Again, on the surface, the events may appear random and totally unrelated but with synchronicity, there is always some underlying significance—even if it seems slight.

One vivid example of the difference between a meaningful coincidence and a synchronicity is that in the first scenario you might be thinking of a specific person, someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time, but then seemingly out of the blue, that specific person calls you; In the second scenario, that person might call you and say something that is in the exact wording of a conversation you are watching on a television show at that very same moment. So again, in this latter scenario, not only were you experiencing a coinciding event, the event also had two similar things occurring (i.e. the words being experienced by both parties).

Reflecting the Oneness of All Things

The forms synchronicity can take are literally infinite, but regardless of form, synchronicity occurs due to one of the most vital laws in the universe: We are all ONE and are connected in ways known and unknown, seen and unseen. Therefore, it should come as no surprise then that as you get more tuned in to the ONENESS of all things, all things begin to move into undeniable alignment and you will then experience more and more meaningful, synchronistic events.

As you continue to grow in your awareness of ONENESS, not only does the number of synchronicities increase, but the magnitude as well. You may, for example, experience very profound moments in which the same synchronicity keeps occurring OR the synchronistic events seem to gain greater and greater significance—like dramatic forms of psychic ability or even miraculous events. And, as you gain greater clarity of mind and are more open to synchronicity, you may even start to experience it with larger numbers of people on the same subject or in the same moment—which are “group synchronicities.”

When you experience two or more synchronized events, it’s because your mind is aligned with two or more dimensions of consciousness/thought. These two dimensions of mind could be either God’s Mind OR the mind of others OR merely various aspects of your own mind, including your ego mind. In any case, when your mind gets in synch with other minds, you begin to see images, reflections, and events come together from that alignment.

If the thoughts that created the images, reflections or events hadn’t come into closer alignment, you would not have noticed them nor seen any significance in their occurrence. Instead, they would have seemed separate and unrelated—like random coincidences. But as you learn to think as ONE, your mind begins to take two or more images and bring them together, much like a camera that seems to have several blurry images in its sights but, as it focuses, the many become synchronized as ONE. In other words, when you get in synch with Universal Consciousness or Oneness, your life gets into synch and you begin to see everything as related.

Not All Synchronicity Signs Come From Spirit

As previously mentioned, the tricky thing is that, as with coincidences, premonitions, and serendipities, many of our greatest synchronicities are coming not from Spirit, but from ego. That’s right! Your ego is just as capable of manifesting external images of what you want to see, as Spirit is capable of manifesting what you are truly meant to see. When arising from the fear-based ego, synchronicities will reflect images of fear, inadequacy, and lack—such as people or events that you secretly long for, now appearing to be within reach but never permanently attained.

Conversely, when synchronicities (and such) arise that reflect Spiritual Guidance, they contain messages that affirm and confirm your growth and Oneness with all you could ever have longed for. Synchronicity from Spirit also always conveys feelings of love and fulfillment, rather than fear and emptiness.

Multidimensional, Symbolic Messages

Another common hurdle with experiencing increased synchronicity in your life is making the mistake of looking for a literal meaning to the not-so-literal synchronistic events. After all, synchronicity signs, as well as all forms of messages from the mind, are multidimensional in their language. Therefore, such signs and messages need to be interpreted as having deeper, symbolic meaning, rather than simple, literal meaning. Further, you are far better off allowing Spirit to show you the deeper meaning to all these signs and synchronicities. It also helps if you do your best to keep the interpretations focused on how these signs might be referring to messages regarding your inner self and not so much about the outer world. If, for example, you have a dream of getting married and then meet an attractive person later that very same day, the message of this synchronicity is perhaps that “you are integrating new and attractive qualities into your inner self” and is not likely about how “you should literally ask that person to marry you.

In other words, don’t get too carried away with synchronicity signs, nor take them too seriously or literally. Instead, see them first and foremost as signs of how you are learning to become more connected to all things—learning to experience ONENESS.

michael mirdad