People often ask me how I maintain both my faith and my energy level when this world seems to get so many people down. The answer I generally offer is that when we know who we are, and then live our lives in a way that is congruent with who we are, we are fed (spiritually, energetically, and emotionally), which means we will usually feel great—inspired, energetic, and passionate—most of the time.

Living Our Dreams

It’s like living our dreams . . . and who, in their right mind, could possibly run out of energy if they are following their dreams and the Inspirations of God? It’s like winning the lottery . . . imagine what kind of an effect it would have on you—emotionally and energetically? Well that’s how we can feel all (or most) of the time—provided we live in alignment with the Light of who we really are.

Not living right and not following our dreams are guaranteed ways of feeling drained and uninspired, thus deflating us or making us feel hopeless (which is NOT of God). Nevertheless, even when we follow our dreams and Inspirations, there is still a chance of running out of energy and feeling deflated. This is because even when a swimming pool is filled to the brim with water, if it has leaks, the water will still drain out.

In other words, the only true way to remain filled with the Spirit AND maintain the energy to match, we have to “live right,” which means following our Spiritually Inspired dreams, as well as patching any leaks we may have in our lives that are draining our Inspirations (and our energy).

One of the most important (and recurring) messages we are learning on earth at this time is that if we fail to “step up,” follow through, and manifest our hopes and dreams, (job, relationship, home, etc.), much of the creative breath, or original energy, behind such Inspirations will eventually become deflated and fade away—leaving us with a corpse of an idea that we cling to—like a handful of dust. Then, adding to the problem, most of us are not courageous enough to look down to see that we are only holding the remaining dust of our former dreams that we may have thought were still alive.

Energetic Leaks

To worsen things even more, most people have not one, but many dozens, of hopes and dreams that remain unfulfilled throughout their life. But it’s not just these unfulfilled dreams that cause leaks in our lives. Whenever we fail to keep a promise, agreement, appointment, and so forth, we are creating leaks that will take their toll on our energy level. We also are drained when we are hooked by the promises of others, as well as when we want something from them that they will not (or cannot) give.

But when we have leaks in our lives, there are a couple of ways to patch (heal) them, which include the following:

  1.  Go out there and bring these hopes and/or dreams to fruition. But be careful to only follow the dreams that are inspiring and healthy. And do NOT become attached to the outcome, as this can easily cause even bigger issues and greater leaks in our energy level and in our sense of self-worth.
  2. Consciously choose to let some dreams go, which is done through the honest recognition that you will not (or cannot) pursue that particular dream. This latter option may sound like a let-down but we create renewed energy and power when we allow ourselves to accept the things we cannot change. We also gain a freedom to move forward and remaining open to new levels of Inspiration.

The dreams in which we follow through with, actually give us energy because we have now achieved a personal goal and can eat of their fruits. The ones we truly “let go” of, also give us energy because by releasing these former dreams and allowing them to pass away, the energy that was being unconsciously drained to keep this dream alive now gets recycled into a new, potentially greater good for us.

The universe actually has a reservoir of Inspiration and energy that we can tap into at any time but if we have too many leaks, they tend to “die on the vine,” which is why some people never see the fruition of what they believed to be true Inspirations. The energy from such a loss is then reabsorbed into the universe’s reservoir and those who are healthy and balanced enough are the ones who tend to most easily access it—often in a successful manner.

Letting Go of Unfulfilled Dreams

Again, some of the first steps in making ourselves available to a new life, wherein we are filled with hope and Inspiration AND the energy to fulfill them, is to learn to recognize and release the dreams (relationships, jobs, etc.) that no longer have enough energy left in them to make them worthy of being resuscitated. We need to also release the ones that are most unlikely to be attained, as well as the ones that are clearly ego-based and/or do not serve our higher good.

Letting go of our unhealthy hopes and dreams, takes great courage and trust, and might be a little painful to us at first. But, once we’ve bid “farewell,” to the ones that once drained our energy and/or left us unfulfilled, we should prepare to become a clearer channel of new Inspiration and with a renewed energy level to fulfill these Inspirations.

Becoming a Co-Creator with God

Also, as we live a life that is in alignment with the new visions we seek to receive, we learn to focus our time and energy only on hopes and dreams that are healthy and inspired. Therefore, our newly inspired hopes and dreams, as well as their manifestations, carry the inner and outer feel of being co-created between us and God. And there is no greater achievement on earth than becoming a co-creator with God.

michael mirdad