Shakespeare once said, “There are more things in Heaven and earth than are dreamt of in all your philosophies.” What he was saying was that there are more things (levels and layers of life and consciousness) in this universe than we can possibly imagine.

Accessing Multiple Dimensions

Multidimensional consciousness means we are accessing more than one dimension at a time–even though most of us are not aware of it. For example, we are sometimes accessing multiple dimensions when we are multitasking or when we are receiving spontaneous or creative insights. Since accessing several dimensions means tapping into multiple levels of consciousness, it also means accessing beings that reside in those various dimensions. The problem is, people sometimes forget to ask themselves a few key questions about such entities: What dimension are we tapping into, who lives there, and what are their intentions? This is why I am so careful about teaching such topics. There are just too many dangers, as well as people who get hooked into the intrigue of tapping into various dimensions without doing so responsibly. So I tend to keep such teaching as grounded and practical as possible.

Several years ago, I had some friends ask me if I would be willing to demonstrate channeling from higher dimensions. And although I am technically channeling when I teach, write, or counsel, there is also a uniqueness to channeling by going into an altered state–which I sometimes do when falling asleep. This is similar to what Edgar Cayce would do in his readings. So I would sometimes do this when we were going on sacred sites trips as a means of gathering information about what we might find or experience. Although such channeling was often fun and nearly always proved true and accurate, during one channeling session, my friends saw a portal appear in the room above me. And when I reached my hand upward, it actually disappeared into the portal. On another occasion, the movement of my consciousness through various dimensions caused my throat and mouth to fill up with a mass amount of thick, mucous-like fluid. Fortunately, I know what I’m doing and remained clear and safe for the most part, but even then, there are dangers when working with multiple dimensions at such an intense level, which is why it’s best to do such work in a safe and grounded manner.

Tools For Becoming Multidimensional

  • Start by mastering the 3rd & 4th dimensions.
  • Have a healthy connection with God.
  • Raise your level of Christ Consciousness.
  • Heal trauma and remove resentments.
  • Remain surrounded/protected in light and love.
  • Have a strong WILL .
  • Practice being grounded.
  • Notice/honor synchronicities and connections.
  • Apply what you’ve received and ground it.

The Challenges of Multidimensional Reality

The first thing to remember when developing expanded consciousness is that it’s better (and safer) to develop voluntary gifts, rather than involuntary gifts. Voluntary gifts means that we remain in control of the experience and are never “taken over” by others (which is involuntary). Another potential challenge is that experiencing life from a multidimensional mind can be overwhelming on one’s life, one’s brain, and one’s nervous system–even raising one’s agitation level. That’s why the world’s geniuses are considered to have been so rude. They are processing at light speed and it’s hard for them to understand others who “waste time.”

Imagine what it would be like to experience spontaneous insights from higher levels of consciousness, while at the same time navigating intense levels of human emotion, and trying to deal with work or daily human tasks and conversations. That’s sometimes what it’s like to be multidimensional. It can become energetically overwhelming. In other words, there are just as many challenges from being too high as there are from being too low. The solution is to have a balanced life and a balanced (grounded) consciousness.

Too many people, (especially those living in Sedona ), are far too imbalanced and hypersensitive. So the heightened energy in such a place over-stimulates them. Their auric field is already too thin (which is like the opposite of being “thick-skinned”) to be able to withstand the energy of higher dimensions that might try to pour down into their being. Imagine a physical vessel shaped like a “V” trying to hold the Presence of God. Without a wider base (more foundation) it’s more likely to burst at the bottom. Another analogy would be that of trying to flood a great deal of water into a balloon that has thin areas of material. It will obviously burst. In the case of energy flowing into our bodies, this will affect our thought-processing and our nervous-system. The solution is to expand or widen our base.

Ways to Widen or Expand Our Base:

  • Grounding visualization exercises
  • Slowing down to induce more awareness and presence
  • Calm breathing
  • Ayurvedic balancing of doshas
  • Eating grounding foods (certain meats or below ground vegetables)
  • Exercising legs and hips
  • Healing that which may have made us emotionally hyper-sensitive
  • Creating ways to make us “want to be on earth”

What About Using Mind-Altering Substances?

I often am asked what I think about using various forms of drugs or organic mind-altering substances to awaken our access to multiple dimensions. And although I don’t shame those who try such things, I can’t help but tell the truth: If we are evolved enough, we wouldn’t need ANYTHING outside of ourselves to induce such a state–least of all, chemicals. And yes, I am well aware that some of these methods are ancient and revered by some people, but such people used such means when they had not yet known how to reach such levels within their own spiritual consciousness. And although it doesn’t make such modern-day practitioners appreciate my teaching on this topic, all I can say is that if Christ didn’t have to use such means to open his Divine Mind, why should we? Indeed…the best way to open ourselves to higher dimensions is simply to raise our consciousness to higher levels. Then, all is safe, organic, real, and authentic.