It’s Mother’s Day!!! It’s a day of honoring the mother…but what most people don’t realize is that there are three different mothers: Our Divine (Heavenly) Mother, Our Earth Mother, and Our Human Mother.


Do not confuse the Divine Mother with the imperfections of your human mother. No matter how good your mother could have been, it would have never equaled the grace and nurturance of your Heavenly Mother. The Divine Mother is pure love and draws us back to her after each incarnation. She soothes our wounds and asks us how things went while on earth. She takes care of us until the Father calls us again to go forth and complete our lessons until we too have grown into gods.

When our Divine Father created us and we ended up thrust into creation of this universe, our Divine Mother (in an act of ultimate love) created a world where we could land. She helped us create the material (matter/mother) universe. So earth is like the womb of the universe and is a planetary manifestation of the Divine Mother. Then, we took on physical bodies and the human mother developed a physical womb through which she would give us birth on a human level.

Although our (sometimes flawed) Human Mother might respond or not respond to your needs based on her issues and moods, not once in the history of mankind has the Divine Mother refused the true requests of our soul nor has Mother Earth ever refused to give us life…give us a body when it was time to incarnate.

But, the first time our human mother failed to give us what we thought we wanted or needed, we became suspicious. When we experienced more doses of this, we secretly began to have a love/hate relationship with her. Once this occurred, she was doomed, as was anyone we assigned to play out her pattern.

Now we have to reverse this “fall from grace,” which also led to the separation between us and our other two Mothers: Mother Earth and the Divine Mother. We must rekindle a relationship with all aspects of Mother.

Some people assume that to get close to the goddess or the Mother archetype, it means becoming angry and protective for the feminine but this is far from the truth. It begins when we practice such things as nurturing ourselves and others, such as when we nurture a healthier relationship with our bodies and the planet on which we live. This then eventually leads to a meeting/joining between us and all aspects of the Mother.


Since all is connected, there is an analogy between our body and that of the planet. Our physical body is her mineral kingdom. Our etheric body and energy systems are her plant kingdom. Our emotional body is her animal kingdom. To be in harmony with the Earth Mother means to also be in harmony with your body, emotions, and energy systems.

To be in harmony with the Earth Mother means to know that your breath is her wind; your bones are her rocks; your blood and lymph are her rivers; your meridians are her gridlines. Nobody can therefore know the Earth Mother if they do not first know themselves.

We need to stop living the limited version (or limited understanding) of Mother. For example, when you try to protect the Earth Mother from atrocities against her, you do her harm if you do it with anger.

John Lennon once wrote,

“If you want my support for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is brother you’ll have to wait. . . . You tell me it’s the institution (or anything outside ourselves), but you better free your mind instead.” –Revolution

A friend called to tell me that recently a white buffalo was born, which to Native people is always symbolic of hope and new beginnings. But sadly, someone broke into the place where the white buffalo was kept and skinned it alive. Then they came back the next day to kill the mother buffalo.

As humans, we react to this with pain and/or disgust, but as souls we are always asked to look within for the deeper significance of any and all events. So, is this not a symbol of how greed, darkness, and fear try so hard to disrupt the love, hope, and new beginnings that some of us work so hard to develop?

So don’t just pray for the white buffalo or the earth nor take up arms to fight those who seem to harm her. The buffalo and the earth are symbols of you and your own hopes and possibilities of miracles.

Of course, in the big picture, there is only God—only Light and Love. But in the world we created, that overlays God’s world (like a veil)—there is fear, ego, and therefore the attempt to destroy Light.


The Human Mother is technically all of us. If we ever created a single thing (and we all have), then we gave birth. So yes, today we honor the Human Mothers who have given birth to children. But we also honor the mother of us all, in us all.

Mother’s Day is not a day to simply honor your mother in a gratuitous way. It is a day to honor the honorable aspects of your mother. Jesus never suggested that we get caught up in feeling indebted to someone just because they are blood relatives. Instead, he said, “Those who do the will of God are my mothers and brothers and sisters.” He also said, “That which is flesh is flesh and that which is Spirit is Spirit.”

So if you really want to honor your mother, then be an honorable child of that mother—Divine, Earth, and Human. And do not think that honoring your Human Mother is to enable errors. When you grow up, you are simply two adults on the path and sometimes the child knows better or at least has something to offer.

To ignore hurtfulness is a false sense of honoring…so too is fighting the hurtfulness. To find balance is to find peace. If you have peace you will neither be drawn to the hurtfulness nor will you desire to fight against it. You would only desire to bring peace to this and all things.


Most people on the spiritual path are familiar with the word “balance” (and know the necessity of achieving such a concept) but few choose to accomplish it. Of course balance looks a bit different from one person to the next but we certainly can learn what it does NOT look like and what it DOES look like. It doesn’t look like women acting aggressive and masculine nor is it men acting passive and feminine. True balance means we can access either of these two parts of ourselves. Sometimes it looks like a balanced blend of the two and other times it looks like a personal dance between these two archetypes.

There are often female teachers who, with possibly good intentions, seek to find empowerment but do so by over-asserting themselves. In doing so, they are not in touch with their divine masculine selves. Instead, they are accessing their ego’s version of the inner male, which means they end up being merely angry women. Such women are certainly assertive enough to command attention, which fools them into thinking they have achieved the balance they were searching for. And most people around them wouldn’t think to question it.

Such a woman is playing out the archetype of the goddess Kali. Kali is known for her image as a wild-haired woman, bare breasted, with knives in hand, and the heads of all the men she has killed. But what most people don’t know is that she is also biting on her tongue, which is a symbol that says, “Ooops! I guess I might have gone too far.”

What we really desire is a true, not false, sense of balance and an authentic experience of honoring the Mother in all. This exists in each and every one of us and manifests most when we experience and share a life of unconditional love, compassion, faith, trust, and nurturance.

“He whose heart is full of tenderness, and truth; who loves mankind more than he loves himself, and cannot find room in his heart to hate, may be another Christ. We all may be the Savior’s of the world, if we believe in the Divinity which dwells in us and worship it, and nail our grosser selves, our tempers, greeds, and our unworthy aims, upon the cross. Who giveth love to all, pays kindness for unkindness, smiles for frowns, lends new courage to each fainting heart, and strengthens hope and scatters joy abroad; He too, is the Redeemer, Son of God.” –Ella Wheeler Wilcox

michael mirdad