God (which is love) loves love. This means that Love, loves love. It also means that the Spirit of Love, loves to see, feel, and experience love.

Our fear-based and hate-based ego, on the other hand, loathes love, which is to say that there is a part of us that gets turned off by love—in its various forms and feelings. This is evident when we see people getting agitated by good things happening to us OR when some people can’t believe that anything good can last for very long. Their attitude demonstrates that they loathe love.

But Love, loves love and enjoys every reflection of love. 

The Bible tells us that “God does not respect mankind.” This obviously doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love and respect us. It means that God has no interest nor respect whatsoever in the illusions of our ego—mainly because the illusions of our ego do not exist. So how could they be respected?

Personally, I love, love! I (the Spirit of God in me) loves people who love who they are and what they do, as opposed to people who live a life that is less than satisfying. I love people who are loving, as opposed to people who are hateful, hurtful, and rude. I love people who take responsibility—meaning people who are so evolved, they know to look at themselves first, when issues arise instead of immediately pointing their finger at others.

I love peace and ease—meaning people or systems that are loving and simple. And I love authentic people—meaning people who are responsible and real.

I love males who are spiritually mature enough to honor the teacher before them and not slip into a competitive mode. I actually had this “spiritual celebrity” come up once and introduce himself as follows: “Hi There! My name is “X”. We haven’t met before but I’ve heard a lot about you so I wanted to introduce myself.” I asked him if he would like to get together sometime to chat. He replied with, “That’s probably not a good idea. It might be a little too awkward because both of us are ‘alpha males.’ But it’s nice to finally meet you.”

I stood there wondering what the hell the guy just said. I had no idea what any of that meant. So a friend who was standing there—recognizing my bewilderment—leaned over and said to me, “What he means is that some men are so insecure about themselves that they tend to compete with other males and cannot easily stand being in the same room with them. I thought to myself, “Wow! It’s so sad to think that some people have not yet evolved beyond their primal, ego, animal selves.”

I love females who are committed more to their own awakening than they are to finding (or keeping) a man that doesn’t align with that awakening. And I love females who can shine (and share) their light without having to attach to someone outside themselves.

I absolutely love people who are dedicated to their path—which includes people who push past their issues and allow me to teach them. But I also love the old African American woman who is dedicated to her Southern Baptist version of Jesus—even though her version of Jesus is different than mine. I would rather have the life of Joel Osteen and his simple Christian philosophy than the life of one of those hypocritical, pseudo-spiritual people in this world. But I would also rather have the life of the sincere Buddhist more than the hypocritical televangelist.

Get it? It’s not the religion that I love nor even the person themselves. What I love is the love in the person . . . their sincerity, devotion, and their loving ways. And God too loves these very same things, which means that the more we recognize love in our lives and choose to love that love, the more we are being like God. Jesus described what I am saying when he shared, “Those who love God are my family—brothers, sisters, and mothers.” He was expressing that those who are “loving love” are the true definition of a spiritual family.

But if you’re not experiencing the love and bliss of a good life, it’s okay, because we all have the same job in this world, which is to improve our ability to breathe–in any goodness we see or experience and make it a permanent part of our being and consciousness. And if/when we fail to do so, then we’ve missed an opportunity to shift our consciousness to a higher vibration.

And if you become tempted to say, “Yeah but this stuff is easy for those of you who are spiritual teachers,” keep in mind that anyone whose life reflects healthiness, goodness, true prosperity, and so forth, probably got to that place by going through the worst that life has to offer and learned to love love. Whether they’ve earned their good life by paying their dues OR by being a good person who created good karma, their good life was never FREE and without payment. 

So we all must start where we are, to create the best life we can—rather than gazing at the good life of others with unrealistic admiration nor with resentment. For example, people often admire those who live in places like Sedona because it’s assumed that everyone here gets to bask in “constant spiritual energy.” But the opposite is true. Although one can often gain unique personal insights in Sedona, you can’t come to Sedona to “get enlightened.” Instead, you come to Sedona to have all that is not already enlightened, purged and burned out of your soulwhich is usually a pretty painful process. As to how painful it can be, it depends on how serious we are about our growth. After all, the more we are committed to our path, the more we will be tested.

We are all being called to raise our level of being, but we need to start where we are to create a new life of happiness, goodness, love, service, dedication, and so forth. And gradually we will see the evidence or manifestation of living well by loving love, which then spreads the love and brings us the better life we’ve been seeking.