February Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad Monthly Message

A Month Of Love

Love is in the air. Despite the many challenges going on in the world right now, this is the month when we celebrate partnerships, friendships, and loving relationships of all kinds.

But most human beings know very little about love, and what it means to have truly loving relationships, and here’s why: We ARE love. But if we don’t know that we are love, we will not know how to share or express or experiencelove—with ourselves or others others.

So, love is not something we need to go looking for, as much as it is something we need to accept and celebrate within ourselves—which obviously can’t happen if we carry too many unhealed wounds OR thoughts of undeservability. And even when we DO seem to find love, and/or experience the concept of “falling in love,” we are actually NOT experiencing love at all. In fact, to “fall in love” with “another” person means to lose sight of that person—mainly because the real person that stands before us is not the one we see with our eyes. And we can’t love them when we can’t truly see them.

When we are in a relationship, we certainly have an opportunity to experience love, but more often than not, we tend to miss the opportunity because we are objectifying the love—taking that which is limitless and projecting it upon a limited, mortal being.

It’s completely understandable that human beings are so willing to settle for false (limited) forms of love instead of doing what it takes to feel (and experience) real love. After all, experiencing real love is not taught nor encouraged by the material world—a world that focuses on success, youthful looks, and various forms of stimulus. Furthermore, real love is not seen with the eyes, nor does it have to do with physical attractions—at least not as our first priority. Real love is a feeling (not an emotion nor anything physical) that originates in our soul, and takes time to develop—which is a process of remembering our true identity and the identity of everyone else.

This is the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day. So it’s a great time to celebrate LOVE. But we need to remind ourselves to stop looking for love and start finding love—deep within our soul. And just as we once accepted that a couple who shared in romantic love would often extend or express that love in the form of having a child, so too does finding soul-love (within) take on the form of having a child. The difference is that the offspring of soul-love takes the form not of children but the form of kindness and generosity. So let’s all take time this month to RISE IN LOVE with ourselves and each other, followed by sharing that love with as many people as possible. After all, BEING IN LOVE is the best way to BE IN LOVE. And to BE IN LOVE means to BE LOVE.

Love & Light,  Michael Mirdad

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