Did you know that if we remove the parts of the Gospels wherein Jesus performed miracles or taught parables, what we would have leftover are the records of his actual day-to-day comments and/or teachings? And out of all of these remaining teachings, a huge portion of Jesus’ time (at least one-third) was spent arguing with the local priests and authorities.

Jesus, A Teacher Who Followed Spirit

They were constantly attacking him for doing things outside the box. Although they kept trying to accuse and prosecute him for breaking their laws (which was their procedure for getting rid of prophets and spiritual teachers), he never actually contradicted the spirit of their laws. The only times he pushed the envelope on this issue was when he was demonstrating that it was more important to follow the spirit and content of the laws and not worry as much about the literal interpretation of those laws. For example, because he continued teaching and healing on the Sabbath, they condemned him for “working on the Sabbath,” which was supposed to be a “day of rest.” But he told them that such religious rules were merely guidelines and that such laws should NEVER become more important than doing God’s Work and being good people (being of service)–even on the Sabbath.

To this day, humanity and its religions are still intent on making “rules” more important than God Itself. Of course the main reason for this is fear and ignorance.  Churches typically don’t know how to actually channel and live the Presence of God in their systems. So when they see someone who can, they have to shut them down as soon as possible.

Authentic Spiritual Teachers Like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer

Another main reason for such reactions in churches is that when authentic teachers come along who actually “live the life,” the churches start losing two things: money and power. A great example of this is in regard to the Christian teacher, Joel Osteen. This guy is for real. He is sincere, authentic, and does a great job doing God’s Work, and yet he is constantly attacked by other Christian Preachers who should be happy he is “spreading the word of God.” But instead, they hate him. [And notice how I called Osteen a teacher and his detractors “preachers.”] They attack him because he’s more popular than they are. It’s as simple as that! They can’t stand that he gains more, by doing less, but this is because he is “being” and they are “doing.”

What upsets the Christian preachers most is that for every person who watches Osteen on their television or computer, it’s less money that goes in their pockets. It’s unfortunate but we won’t usually hear typical preachers or teachers (from mainstream to New Age) recommending other teachers or teachings, as it might impose too much on their own success. But if someone we meet would benefit from reading, or listening to, someone else (which might possibly be in addition to listening to us), why would we hold back the inspiration to help and support them?

Teachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer are fantastic! They are inspiring, authentic, and good at what they do. I’m not saying that I agree with every single word that they teach but why should that get in the way of me recommending such good, healthy teachers/teachings that will lift and inspire others. In spirit, these teachers and I are in complete agreement. In fact, there is not one “New Age” teacher/author that I would listen to above Joel Osteen–least of all the teachers/authors being hyped in most of the current “spiritual” films (The Secret, What the Bleep, etc…).

Spiritual Teachers and Authors Need to Make Spirit Their Main Priority

So just because an organization calls itself a “church” (temple, center, etc.) or an author calls him/her self a “spiritual teacher” doesn’t mean that they actually live up to it by making Spirit their main priority. In fact, at least 99% of all such organizations and spiritual teachers are driven by ego and success more than by God. That’s a terribly poor ratio but it’s true. Organizations that care first about their policies and financial bottom line, should go into banking and stop falsely representing God. This applies not only to churches but to all organizations who claim to represent Spirit (including the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the Theosophical Society, Science of Mind, most yoga and tantra schools, and so on…).

Those who are “spiritual authors” should be seen as “authors” first and foremost and as teachers second. Their priority is to write and sell books–which is great–and if they happen to also teach something, that’s even better. But “spiritual teachers, on the other hand, have the priority of teaching first and if they also happen to sell books, that too is great. But an author mostly wants to sell, and a teacher, mostly wants to teach. So we need to stop calling those whose priority it is to sell books, the world’s new “spiritual teachers,” as it is an inaccurate title.

Releasing Spiritual Contradictions

On our planet, to this day, there are “Houses of God” that do not allow people of other colors. There are also many that make money or the expansion of the church as a “business” their main objective. But none of this is God’s Will, and because it’s not God’s Will, all such organizations shall pass away.

Here are a few more common contradictions that need to be recognized for what they are…then released:

  • Spiritual paths that are not really spiritual
  • Healing paths that do not actually heal
  • Sacred sexuality systems that are not sacred
  • Human beings that are not humane
  • New age beliefs that are old age paradigms
  • “Houses of God” that refuse to let God enter

 Despite all of this, people are still talking about the ascension or rapture and so forth. They are looking for magical solutions or escapes wherein God is going to rescue them from themselves. But, this will NEVER happen. All that needs to change, needs to change within us. Yes, all the churches and spiritual groups on earth need to change and will eventually do so–the easy way or the hard way. But they will not ultimately be given the space to do so while people still act addicted to them and succumb to such organizations living by the old paradigms.

Our job is not to externally force any changes, but rather to heal our own issues within ourselves that would allow us to settle for spiritual leadership that falls short of having the highest teachings, goals, and integrity. Of course, this does not imply that such people and organizations must be flawless. We all make mistakes. But the ones that are truly righteous must make it a point to make adjustments to anything that is steering off course and out of alignment with manifesting God’s Love and Will on earth.

The so-called churches and “spiritual leaders” on the planet need to do everything in their power to not succumb to the usual trappings of power and greed. In my work, I have charged $100 for private sessions for over 20 years without raising my fee. And now that I can see a rise in my fee coming over the horizon, doing so is a decision that has taken me a couple of years to allow. Why has it taken so long, because NOTHING of the material world should come first. So I make it a point to only give in to material needs when absolutely necessary. I am not implying that all people should refrain from receiving raises and the good things in life. But because I am in a position of leadership, I find it my responsibility to demonstrate that God comes first. Then my material needs are always taken care of. And we should insist that all spiritual representatives and organizations live by the highest standard possible. If they refuse, then let them go.

michael mirdad