Many of us have been praying for the world of illusion to pass away so that the real (and better) world can come into manifestation. And now that it’s clearly happening, it’s strange to see so many people reacting so adversely to the process. But why? If it’s only illusions that are passing away, what is there to be upset about? So instead of panicking about the condition of the world, we’re far better off, going within, connecting with God, and gaining new inspirations for the next stage of our lives. It’s also advisable to spend more time gathering with others of like-mind in order to feel supported during these sometimes challenging times.

Birthing Christ Consciousness into the World

Throughout my life, the main theme of my work has obviously been to birth a greater abundance of Christ Consciousness in the world. I spent 40 years facilitating workshops and private sessions throughout the country (and around the world)—ten of those years being at Unity of Sedona.

The decision to serve at Unity of Sedona was one of my best decisions ever—even though it involved some challenges. But the challenges were merely tests that strengthened me/us so that we could create a better local community of lightworkers, which then helped to birth a greater global community of lightworkers. It was also essential that we be a great example of how to “walk the talk” and “live the Christ life” that others only speak of. This is why we have been so consistently successful and why our Sacred Sunday Services are so powerful. They are the positive result of our positive commitments.

But to manifest these extraordinary changes meant I had to first “give something up.” I had to stop touring, which was a major change for me. Was this a negative loss or a positive move forward? The answer to this question was greatly determined by my choosing the right perspective or mindset. By choosing the highest perspective about this major change in my life, we were able to receive inspiration about turning our work here in Sedona into a global ministry—spreading the Christ Light throughout the world. So you might want to ask yourself what areas of your life you need to see differently—asking the right questions and concluding with the right answers—raising your perspective and level of awareness about your life and about the world at large.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where we go from here depends on our choices and commitments about what we choose as our goals and priorities. Where do you want to be in ten years—or at the end of your life for that matter? Do you want more of the same? Do you want to be a sickly victim with financial issues or do you want to be a healthy, responsible, and prosperous co-creator of the universe?

If we choose to experience a better life, there is NO way to get there without choosing to nurture the appropriate thoughts and taking the appropriate actions to get us there. And if we do nothing new, we should only expect more of the old.

The material world is collapsing—proving that it has no true value. In one respect, this means that “time is running out” on the parking meter of life. So, we can try to feed the meter with more coins—further investing in this world and delaying the inevitable—or we can choose to park our consciousness somewhere else.

NOW is the time to change (or upgrade) our priorities and begin investing more time and energy into who we really are—spiritually. It’s not that we have to completely give up all forms of having a material life. But we certainly do have to increase our emphasis on our walk with God—which will obviously then improve our spiritual life, which in turn will improve our material life.

If you are not certain what it is you can do to best upgrade your priorities, try asking yourself that if you were to pass away tomorrow, can you do so with absolute certainty that you lived your life with a primary focus on improving your connection with God, self, and others. If you can say yes to this, then you can rest assured that you have lived and died well—anchoring more of God’s Light for all.

michael mirdad