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Greetings Dear Friends!

It’s already Spring—even though April started off with a light snowfall. This is the month that reminds us to resurrect after any challenge (crucifixion) we may have gone through. It may not always seem possible to bounce back from life’s tests but the concept of resurrecting is a power we all have within us—even if we don’t realize it. And the most beautiful thing about this is that the more we practice faith and affirmation, the more we will arise from the tomb (of depression, doubt, etc.). And the more we arise or bounce back, the greater will be tomorrow’s ideas, inspirations, achievements, and so forth.

As most of you probably already know by now, a couple of weeks ago, we co-created a talk on a topic that is completely new to humanity. We spontaneously spoke about the “Daughters of Heaven.” It’s a bit too much to review here, but suffice to say, the talk was so moving and so powerful, it received more feedback than any talk I’ve ever given. People from all over the world are sharing how much the talk shook them to their core and activated a huge surge of spiritual remembrance.

Although most of humanity is suffering from spiritual amnesia, each of us is a Child of God, deserving of all that God is: love, peace, joy, and abundance. But it’s up to us to own this truth and to integrate it into our lives. Springtime is a perfect time to practice this awakening and remembrance, as it is a time of rebirth.

The Daughters of Heaven are a special group of souls who are currently incarnating to make a huge change in the world. Some are incarnating and others are simply being activated, as though they are being snapped out of a trance of forgetfulness. To a degree, this applies to all of us, but on another level it is the destiny of this particular group of souls to lead the rest of us home. To learn more about the Daughters of Heaven, you might consider watching the Sunday service from March when it was introduced and discussed in more detail.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad

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