Come together with Chez and joyfully celebrate the Pink Super Moon. The lovely Spring Golden Hued Moon is in alignment with the blooming of the Native Eastern North American Flower known as…Pink Moss. Pink is representative of and exudes the Beauty of the Sacred Divine Feminine Goddess Energy. She dances in the heavens as she sings her Song of healing, hopefulness, compassion and Love. Her influences encourage and assist in embracing Loving oneself, honoring our relationships. Through meditation Chez will assist us during this time of release of pain and suffering to plant seeds of hopes, dreams, personal growth, positive change, and adventure.

BIO: Chez’ Adams has a Passion towards Global Unity based on Unconditional Love. As an Humanitarian she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, Tama-do Certified in Color Silk and Essence therapy, Sound Healing and tuning forks, Certified Reiki Master, Elijah House 101 &102 Course certification, Offers a comprehensive Course, The Empath’s Tapestry, conducts one on ones with Adults and children. She is also a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.


FREE | Suggested Love Offering $10


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