Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021 4 Day Intensive

Dear Friends,

This 4-day intensive workshop—focusing on “Awakening Christ Consciousness”—is so popular, it’s been offered every year for over 20 years. And because so many people around the world always want to attend, we offer it as an online event. It covers advanced spiritual concepts and profound levels of application, such as learning to live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul. The event also covers initiations into Christ Consciousness through the rarely understood mystery teachings of Jesus (some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene and the Apostles of Jesus) and includes a spiritual baptism. If you are interested in more details, please read our detailed description AND the testimonials gathered over the years.

Schedule for the Intensive

This program will be broadcast live over Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-28, 2021. All sessions will be recorded for replay, should you be unable to attend live or wish to review them.

Starts Thanksgiving Day, November 25th 12:00pm-4:00pm |
 In Person at Unity of Sedona and Online
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 26th-28th 10:00am-4:00pm | Online (including Sunday Service on Facebook Live & after on Zoom)

On Thanksgiving Day, for those attending in person, there is a potluck dinner from 10:30am-12:00pm, bring your favorite dish. If you would like to stay and attend the course that day ONLY, the cost is $100.

Tuition includes all teaching materials, access to group website, video replays, and more. All session times are given for the Arizona time zone. Check your local time equivalent here.

Topics Include:

• Clearing and spiritualizing your various energy centers
• The deeper (spiritual) meaning to various teachings
• The many lifetimes throughout history of the soul known as Jesus
• The unknown life of Jesus and his missing years among the Essenes and the Mystery Temples
• The role Jesus plays for Earth’s evolution in the coming years
• What Jesus did to become Christed and what it takes for you to reach Christ Consciousness
• Which modern teachings, teachers, and books are the clearest channels of Christ Consciousness

Read more about Awakening of Christ Consciousness here.


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