Students on the spiritual path who are dedicated to achieving the highest level of consciousness possible–Christ Consciousness–are welcome to join us for this 12-month course in personal transformation. This course will meet online once per month for a complete immersion into the lesson for that particular month. Each month will feature a different lesson (ranging from topics on mythology to unlocking the spiritual interpretations of sacred teachings), but each will be consistent in its goal–Ascension into Christ Consciousness. Each month will also feature an astrological theme based on the 12 Holy Days and Nights of Christmas. Students will also have the option of joining us for 12 hours of total devotion to God–which means you have the option of joining us on the hour for an added 15 minutes of teaching, prayer and/or meditation–all of which will take the initial teachings to an even deeper level.

The course is completely online (Zoom) and each lesson will be recorded, which means you can watch ANY part at any time that is convenient for you.

The days and times of the class are primarily going to be on the first Saturday of each month–from 12:00-3:00pm (AZ time). Since it’s on a weekend and early in the day, most students from around the world can attend live–in real time. The fee is either $75.00 per month OR save $100.00 by paying only $800.00 in advance.


michael mirdad