The following is an edited excerpt from the book, “One Woman’s Journey” by Dawn Kelly. The book is a pictorial story of a woman’s personal and spiritual journey through life. Dawn uses the metaphors of art and tai chi, combined with spiritual quotations to illustrate a woman’s self discovery and maturing process.

In 1999 I was to meet a divine healer named Michael Mirdad. He was the guest speaker at the church I was attending. Michael was wise beyond his years. It was with him and his kind, nurturing, and loving manner that I began the full acceptance of the divinity that we all are and to discovering who I was, what my purpose on earth was, and discover the tools to assist me in discovering who I was. Michael is an amazing healer. He does not waste your time. He is direct, intuitive, and to the point. What is healing anyway? We hear all this talk about healing but what does that truly mean? Well to me, it is discovering the true nature that each and every one of us comes here to experience. When we are on our path of our true nature, our lives flow in synchronicity, harmony, peace, love, and joy. Not that we don’t have challenges and problems. It’s just that we deal with them differently. Michael was able to help me come to terms with the things in my life that were preventing me from being all that I can be. I have always been a cheerful, carefree, light-hearted soul and I was blessed that I have had a relatively easy life. It seems that whenever I have needed a door to open in life, it has opened for me or the right opportunities have shown up at the perfect time. I relate that to my trust in the natural enfoldment of life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we make up our own destiny. Taking personal responsibility for all the things that happen in our life is so important.

My relationship and work with Michael Mirdad lead to my interest and studies in traditional Chinese medicine. One of the things Michael had suggested to me in my reading/healing with him was to be involved with some form of hands-on healing and some form of meditation. He also suggested tai chi and qi gong. I soon found that the ancient practices of working with the energies of the body fascinated me. My personal belief is that everything is energy. So when I saw the graceful movements of tai chi and then felt the benefits of qi gong, I knew I had discovered an elixir of health and longevity. I was hooked!

All my teachers taught the power of going within, of listening to the inner voice, and the power of love and touch. This lead me to also study massage, martial arts, and tantra. I discovered that although I loved the business world, my true nature was connecting with people on a personal and loving nature. I had now discovered a world that was in alignment with the interests I have had all my life.

michael mirdad