A Course in Miracles

The Gobal Center for Christ Consciousness is Sedona’s premier center for studying A Course in Miracles–which is one of the most important books that express the teachings of Christ Consciousness. Sedona is known as the primary spiritual mecca of the world; 

A Course in Miracles is considered to be the most influential spiritual material of our time. Putting the two together (Sedona and ACIM) means we are exponentially anchoring the Light and Truth of God into the powerful grid-lines of the planet, which then feeds all beings.

Most of our events and presentations are rooted directly or indirectly in the Course, especially considering that the Course is the channeled Voice of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The main theme of A Course in Miracles is to practice love and forgiveness in our lives as a means of transforming the world and our lives by transforming our consciousness. The Global Center presents weekly classes, study groups, workshops, Sacred Sunday Services, and special events with some of the world’s most renowned teachers and authors on the Course. The book & gift store at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness features copies of the course, as well as other related materials.

A Course in Miracles Groups at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness:

Choose Again—Monday’s 6:00pm-8:00pm

Living A Course in Miracles—Wednesday’s 11:00am-12:00pm

Sacred Sunday Service—Sunday’s 10:00am-11:15am